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Beacon Electric was the electrical subcontractor for the hospital project
Children's Tower Clinical Facility

Messer Construction Company
Ref: Children's Hospital Medical Center
New Clinical Facility

"I just wanted to offer congratulations and to express appreciation for the tremendous job that Beacon Electric did on the New Hospital Tower at Children's Hospital Medical Center... Beacon Electric played a major role in the success of this project, having completed one of the largest subcontracts issued for this project. Beacon Electric's professional management, cooperation and quality contributed to a smooth running job which was completed ahead of schedule!"

Richard Durand
Principal Engineer
Cincinnati, Ohio

Children's Hospital Medical Center
Ref: Children's Hospital Medical Center

"On behalf of the Children's Hospital Medical Center, it is a real privilege to endorse the work that you have done on the projects here...The electrical work in the facility, on both the Research building and the Clinical building, was extremely complicated and is vital to the care of patients as well as to the research that is ongoing in the Medical Center. With a general contractor, such as Messer, and with subcontractors, such as Beacon Electric, in such vital roles as electrical and related areas we have ended up with a product that I think is better than any that I have seen in my travels through the United States looking at children's hospitals...The work that you and your firm did to make our buildings a reality was done with economy, precision and dedication to true quality. I believe that on this $115 million project, everyone that works in the firm are to be congratulated..."

"On behalf of Children's Hospital Medical Center we are pleased to endorse your work not only for its quality but for its economy relative to the competitive bidders."

William K. Schubert, M.D.
President and Chief Executive Officer

Turner Construction Company
Ref: Tower Place Mall

"Congratulations on your recent Award of Excellence from the Ohio Valley Associated Builders and Contractors for the work you performed at our Tower Place Mall Project.

"Although Faison and ourselves recognized and appreciated the quality of your work, I know it's nice to also receive the recognition of your peers and others in the industry.

"We, at Turner, are very pleased to have been associated with you on this project and we look forward to continuing to work together on future "award winning" projects."

Kenneth K. Butler
Vice President
General Manager
Cincinnati, Ohio

Turner Construction Company
Ref: Nomination for "Outstanding Subcontractor of the Year"

"Beacon was a large part of Turner's ability to complete 'Northgate Mall" on time. This was a very tough job in that Beacon was working a third shift renovation and first shift on new work.

"What made Beacon outstanding was their ability to do the following:

  1. They received very late approval on many custom light fixtures, but were able to get them in on time...
  2. They received very late approval on the Fire Alarm package, but were also able to get this installed on time with the Fire Inspector's approval for grand opening.
  3. Beacon is the safest company I've ever had the pleasure to work with."

Russell Louderback
Project Director
Florence, Kentucky

Hunt Construction Group
Re: Exemplary Field Installation, Procter & Gamble F&HC Innovation Center

"The F&HC project team has been evaluating work in the Pilot Research Laboratory...Upon review of Beacon's installation of their contract work, the project team would like to recognize what can best be defined as exemplary work..."

Scott A. Hansma
Asst. Project Engineer
Asst. MEP Coordinator
Cincinnati, Ohio

Rentenbach Constructors
Re: Forest Fair Mall

"Beacon helped turn what could have been a nightmare into a job that we both can be proud of."

Paul Mayfield
Project Manager
Charleston, South Carolina

Glimcher Properties Limited Partnership Re: Mall at Fairfield Commons

"On behalf of the Glimcher Company, I wish to take the time to extend our congratulations and sincere appreciation to Beacon Electric, for its role on the Mall at Fairfield Commons. Your firm's overall performance was instrumental to the timely completion of the project...
"The key role of the Electrical Contractor cannot be overlooked on a project of this size, when one realizes that it is the Electrical Contractor that is last 'out the door.' Beacon's timely response and fairness to the multitude of scope changes/additions, which occurred on this project, was commendable.

"The fact that Beacon was able to complete the Electrical work, not only for the Mall building and related site work, but also the JC Penny and Sears department stores speaks highly of your firm. The commitment required with retail projects of this size is enormous and was successfully executed by your team."

Douglas W. Campbell
Vice President
Columbus, Ohio

H.B. Fuller Company
Re: Plant Expansion

"With the completion of our plant expansion here at H. B. Fuller, I wanted to express to you my sincere appreciation for the job your company did.

"...This project had many difficult moments. Your ability to stay on top of the changes and communicate well with our integrator, Industrial Automations Systems, as well as our plant electrician, was key to keeping things on track. You also worked well with other electrical contractors on the site without the conflicts this can often entail."

"Again we appreciate the work you did and hope that this was a successful Project for you as it was for us. We look forward to working with you again in the future."

George E. Brown
Senior Project Engineer
Vadnais Heights, Minnesota

Shook Building Group
Ref: Meijer #101

"With Meijer #101 now operating, I would like to thank you and your staff for your excellent performance during the past year.

"This was a very demanding project which closed out as a huge success, and Beacon Electric was a major factor in obtaining the end results."

Bruce Campbell
Project Superintendent
Dayton, Ohio

Advics Manufacturing Ohio, Inc.
Ref: Extraordinary Efforts in Power Outage

"I wanted to thank you for the quick response and extraordinary efforts we received from you and your team members last Tuesday during our power outage."

"I know you were here most of the day, and we truly appreciate that, but most noteworthy are the extremely long hours (your employees) spent at our facility lining up temporary power sources and installing a new main power feed. Because of their efforts, we were able to meet every one of our customer shipping schedules and minimize our over-all plant downtime."

Geoffrey J. Hearsum
President and Chief Operating Officer
Lebanon, Ohio

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